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Sofia Asbjørnsen

Established in 2010, the Asbjørnsen Duo, consisting of sisters Sofia and Isabella Asbjørnsen, showcases their mesmerizing harp performances in diverse settings. From towering skyscrapers and prestigious award venues to the elegance of cruise ships and the grandeur of royal palaces, their harps grace a multitude of stages.

With a versatile repertoire that spans Classical, Jazz, Pop, and International genres, the duo captivates audiences with their musical prowess. Their performances have adorned illustrious locations, including Hampton Court Palace, The Baftas, The Gherkin (Swiss Re), Westminster Abbey, Grosvenor House, and the Houses of Parliament, attesting to the duo's widespread acclaim and frequent engagements at prestigious venues.

Isabella's harp journey commenced at the age of twelve under the guidance of the renowned harpist Daphne Boden FRCM HonRAM ARCM Premier Prix Brussels Royal Conservatoire. Within a remarkably short span of two years, her exceptional talent earned her acceptance, with a scholarship, to the prestigious Purcell School of Music—an institution patronized by HRH the Prince of Wales. Continuing her trajectory of excellence, she secured admission, accompanied by a Foundation Scholarship, to the Royal College of Music, presided over by HRH the Prince of Wales. Here, she further honed her craft under the esteemed harpist Ieuan Jones DipRCM, FRCM.

Isabella's musical prowess extends beyond solo performances, as she has toured and collaborated with various ensembles and orchestras both nationally and internationally. Her repertoire includes captivating soirées, prestigious award ceremonies, private recitals, and exclusive events. Notably, Isabella has become a familiar presence at gatherings for members of the British royal family and international royal dignitaries, with HM The Queen, HRH Prince Charles, HRH Prince William, HRH Prince Phillip, HRH Princess Anne, Princess Royal, and HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge among the distinguished names in her audience.

Isabella Asbjørnsen

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